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Re: Zeiss 15mm support group?

tsdevine wrote:

I don\'t have a very precise way to measure...I\'d put it somewhere between 5.5 and 6mm. I really needed the front threads, it gave me the ability to make my CP/ND combo. I would assume a 5mm solution wouldn\'t vignette, unless the ring configuration is weird.

I talked to Singh-Ray last fall as well, as of then they had no plans...I imagine the more people who ask, the more chance there will be one. Make sure the thin ones aren\'t stepping up to a larger diameter on the outer ring. Some of the filters marked ast extra wide step the front ring up to a larger diameter, which wouldn\'t work on the 15.

Don\'t know who is making the Zeiss filters, the one I have in 82mm is pretty nice.

Don\'t discount the Marumi out of hand....$150\'ish can get you by if you are looking down the road to a possible Lee/Lecroit/Fotodiox solution.


I am not sure if Zeiss is making their own filters. I commented to the Zeiss Reps at PhotoPlus in October about their filters and B&W which are now owned by Zeiss and made of Schott Glass, The Zeiss Reps did not think that the B&W filters were as good as the Zeiss brand name.


May 04, 2013 at 03:14 PM

  Previous versions of naturephoto1's message #11529951 « Zeiss 15mm support group? »