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  Presentation boards
Nature & Wildlife
Including flower, animal, and bird photography
48 mins
by chas
Landscape Photographer
Dedicated to Landscape photography
2 hours
by alatoo60
City, Street & Architecture
Including Cityscape, Urban Landscapes, photojournalism, and transportation
3 hours
by FlyingPhotog
People Photography
Including people & pet portraits, candid, studio & advertising
37 mins
by Peter Figen
Black & White Vision
Including your Duotone, Tritone, Quadtone and Infrared work
7 hours
by tomandmarj
Macro World
Dedicated to macro photography, tips and technique
11 mins
by rocco61
Sports Corner
Dedicated to the sports shooter
3 hours
by kylehess10
Wedding Photographer
Dedicated to professional Wedding photography
41 mins
by datfish
Digital Art & Abstract
Dedicated to experiments, abstracts, montages & collages
7 hours
by DianeinCR
Trip Location Advice & Meet-ups
Trip Location Advice Resource and FM member Meet-ups
17 hours
by gdanmitchell
  Assignments and critique
Weekly Assignments
For images captured during the current assignment
5 hours
by Mongrel
Monthly Assignments
Challenge your skills and creativity with monthly themes
5 hours
by Klaus Priebe
Photo Critique
Technical and aesthetic critique when you are working on an image
4 hours
by RustyBug
Canon Forum
For discussions on all Canon compatible gear
3 mins
by thw2
Nikon Forum
For discussions on all Nikon compatible gear
6 mins
by Lance B
Alternative Gear & Lenses
Digital systems other than Canon/Nikon, including alternative lens solutions
10 mins
by LightShow
Latest Photography News
Topics that make the FM Home page
2 days
by Steve Spencer
General Gear-talk
Accessories including CF cards, tripods, heads, bags, digital storage, filters, etc.
2 hours
by JMDobson
Pro Digital Corner
Dedicated to the professional photographer
3 mins
by PurSally
Lighting & Studio Techniques
Including studio, flash, and existing lighting techniques
64 mins
by datfish
Post-processing & Printing
Workflow, calibration, monitors, printers, paper, and software
6 hours
by newusaa
  FM Trading Post
Buy & Sell Photo-Gear
Cameras, lenses, lighting and photography accessories
4 mins
by redrock_z71
Buy & Sell Tech-Tools
Post-processing equipment e.g. computers, printers, monitors, peripherals, videocams, etc.
7 hours
by cz168
Forum & Miscellaneous
FM Forum, photography & miscellaneous discussions
8 hours
by jcolwell

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      Latest Photo News
   •  Aug 15th - Featured Thread Winners!
   •  Roger Cicala tests the 40mm f/0.85 Ibelux
   •  Weekly Assignment 617 winner: Klaus Priebe
   •  Aug 8th - Featured Thread Winners!
   •  Weekly Assignment 616 winner: pike40
   •  Aug 1st - Featured Thread Winners!
   •  Monthly Assignment 122 winner: DianeinCR
   •  Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS Tear-Down and Imatest
   •  Lightroom 5.6 Now Available
   •  Weekly Assignment 615 winner: monday
      Weekly Assignment 619: Books
Deadline: 1 days, 3 hours, 1 min
Vote for WA 618 winners
Weekly Assignment 617 winner: Klaus Priebe
      Monthly Assignment 124: Scale
Deadline: 13 days, 3 hours, 1 min
Vote for MA 123 winners
Monthly Assignment 122 winner: DianeinCR
      Featured Threads of the Week

by Mark Metternich

by Chris Schlaf

by Dentx

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