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Upload & Sell Membership

Upload & Sell main features:

Sell items on our Buy and Sell boards! Join our community* of thousands of photographers to buy, sell and trade gear for a low one-time fee, instead of paying high commissions and transaction charges.

Upload photos on the FM Forums! Upload & Sell members can upload multiple photos throughout the FM site without having to depend on an external URL. This makes it easy to showcase your images, participate in assignment contests, and upload photos of the item(s) you are selling.

Choose from numerous frame styles and borders to enhance the presentation of your uploaded images.

Share your photo's EXIF information effortlessly when displaying your images.

Manage and showcase all of your uploaded photos in a gallery of thumbnails. Just click on any image in your personal gallery to quickly access the post where the full image was originally uploaded.

Upload a custom avatar that is unique to your profile.

Upload & Sell Plus* (+) additional features:

Upload up to 10 images, instead of 5.

Automated BUMP of your Buy or Sell threads after 8 hours. Instead of manually bumping your threads.

Option to change the look of your subject title to make it stand out against other ads.

Access to a “Timer” when posting your thread. Your thread could be posted in a future time.

* Available for 1-year and 2-year memberships only

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