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Re: Stick with Facebook or create my own site?

RustyBug wrote:
The question wasn't about FB vs. other sharing services ... the OP was about FB vs. your own site. I simply don't see how the TOA on FB can render you "safer" when you are signing "Carte Blance". Nor do I understand how having your own site would give you "much less freedom of control over your content" than FB.

+1 @ visibility is likely greater on FB (i.e. marketing tool), but I'm still not seeing the "safer" part given their TOA.

Well, there are a a number of reasons, among them including....

- Regular web hosting companies have much less sway over how content is shared and distributed based on their lack of a single, centralized and highly intelligent sharing system owned by Facebook

- The Facebook sharing system tends to promote organic distribution from one single source instead of a more antiquated and tedious system of downloading content from a conventional website and uploading it somewhere else, thus making the content shared by Facebook much easier to track, follow and ultimately control

- Regular web hosting companies often have much more obfuscated terms of service than Facebook; many have no easily accessible terms of service whatsoever

- There are usually fewer "eyes" on regular hosting companies dissecting their behaviors to keep them "on their toes"; smaller hosting companies have almost no oversight at all

- Unless your content goes truly viral such that it is downloaded and reuploaded multiple times (which is rather uncommon given that about 1 billion pieces of content are shared daily and only a small handful reach a large audience), the Facebook analytics allow you to view who is sharing your content and how many people are viewing it in a way that few (if not zero) hosting companies can

Would you like me to go on?

Apr 02, 2013 at 03:31 PM

  Previous versions of mdude85's message #11458778 « Stick with Facebook or create my own site? »