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Re: Stick with Facebook or create my own site?

mdude85 wrote:
It may also persist if users have downloaded the content and then uploaded it again using their own accounts or if the content is being shared from another site or service.

+1 ... thus you\'ve essentially agreed to grant FB perpetual license as it has the potential to always exist somewhere in FB (iaw with you uploading the content to FB per TOA). If it came into FB from other sources (i.e. not you uploading it to FB in your account initially), that is a different matter which you did NOT agree to.

I think the interesting and important point to keep in mind is that as an entity, Facebook is probably the safest place to put your content if you are going to put it online at all.
How do you figure that ... or do you mean to suggest it is the safest social media site compared to Twitter or Instagram, etc.?

You have much less freedom of control over your content hosted on a regular website or most other sharing services.

The question wasn\'t about FB vs. other sharing services ... the OP was about FB vs. your own site. I simply don\'t see how the TOA on FB can render you \"safer\" when you are signing \"Carte Blance\". Nor do I understand how having your own site would give you \"much less freedom of control over your content\" than FB.

+1 @ visibility is likely greater on FB (i.e. marketing tool), but I\'m still not seeing the \"safer\" part given their TOA. Is FB the social media of choice for marketing ... maybe. But, I still see potential peril in the TOA if one isn\'t at least cognizant of it, or with caution thrown to the wind. I\'m not saying FB should be avoided at all costs, just be judicious with your content (sensitive genre\'s especially) given their TOA. In a litigious society, FB\'s perpetual \"Carte Blance\" TOA will not be your friend.

Apr 02, 2013 at 02:56 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #11458700 « Stick with Facebook or create my own site? »