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Re: Paris in BW

astrodave wrote:
Nice set. I think my favorites are #3 and #4. I like the perspective in #3 and the moody look of #4. As far as grain goes, I think it really works in #4. What equipment/film were these shot with?

Thanks Dave, glad to hear you like them

It was all shot with a hassy 501 and a zeiss 50 f4 fle. It\'s my beloved hassy lens and the one that gets most used. All handheld using railings and stuff that could give some support to the camera, specially for the montmartre shots, as it was going dark fast. Those two grainy shots are quite a it underexposed in the film...

Film was tmax 400 which was a new for me, as I am familiar with Ilford\'s offerings.

Thanks again, appreciated.

Mar 17, 2013 at 11:45 PM

  Previous versions of Guari's message #11422582 « Paris in BW »