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Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel

Thanks everyone!

Safe and productive trip Lady Jo!

Thanks Jay, funny, I can\'t even get Canon to look at me as one of them \"Explorer\" type guys. Actually, when I added Nikon to my arsenal, I was really glad that I didn\'t have a contract with Canon. If they catch you looking in the dark direction all heck breaks loose, understandably I guess.

Seminars, what do they say, \"those that can\'t do, teach? While I don\'t think that applies across the board, in our industry, many who can \"do\" but can\'t make a living at it, find teaching more lucrative. I could give a residential architecture seminar, and any number of my clients would give me the run of homes from a few hundred thousand to millions, but then a dozen people in my back yard would know exactly how I do what I do. Whether they could actually do it, and convince clients that they could do it, is another matter, but theoretically, they\'d be armed with knowledge that takes years to cultivate for most in the biz.

Speaking just between us, and the zillions of folks who lurk here, and I\'ll probably get blasted by a handful of ISAP complainers, but here it is. There\'s something in my business acumen that tells me saving your potential competition, in bulk, techniques that will save them a decade or more of getting up to speed, isn\'t the brightest thing one can do. I am happy to give a great presentation and salt it with unique situations and experiences, but would I stand in front of 100 attendees and show them exactly how I light a business jet? Call me crazy, but not on your life. I struggle with the dividing line (not within the family here) between encouraging someone with talent and desire, and handing them the keys to the kingdom. Now that\'s not something that you\'ll find people candidly discussing, like we are here, but come on, photography is competitive enough as it is. On the other hand, you\'ll not find me hiding my light under a bushel, (unless that is what the bushel needs to be shot properly), and discouraging someone with a dream from pursuing it. Like I said, fine line.

Now if you\'re a Joe McNally, George Lepp, Steve McCurry, etc., and you have decided that the rigorous tenacity required in chasing assignments has lost it\'s appeal (and boy I can relate at times) then clean up teaching your hard won techniques to aspiring pros, you are no longer competing in that arena anyway and teaching people who love doing what you do is just plain fun.

I think I told Y\'all about my first five years in the business. I was amazed at the number of pro shooters who treated you like you were going to steal their souls if you asked a question about a beautiful image they had created. That\'s not my style anyway, but I made a note to self, never to treat anyone that way if I found myself in the remote situation where I might actually know something someone would want to know. So far I haven\'t had to test the theory I\'m in a rather unique position because my client list keeps my W2 in the top 1% of commercial photographers in the world when the measurement is income, so as long as my faculties and stamina allow, I guess you\'ll find me behind a Gitzo doing what I am so very blessed to do.

Mar 08, 2013 at 11:04 PM

  Previous versions of JWilsonphoto's message #11401869 « Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel »