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Re: 5D3 owners who upgrade to 1Dx, was it worth it?

jcolwell wrote:

I haven\'t contributed to this thread until now, because I don\'t have a 5DIII. OTOH, I have a 1DX, a 1DIV, and a 5DII. I\'d love to have a 5DIII as well, but my priority was to get a FF camera with high fps. Most people on this forum who have a 1DX, bought it because it does what they need. Most of those people, including me, had to dig pretty deep to do that.

It would be easy to turn your (Bones74) logic around to say something about people who are bitter because they had to \"settle\" for a 5DIII, but that would be totally bogus. Much like your theory.

I\'m not bitter in anyway whatsoever, I could afford a 1DX. I just don\'t need one so I haven\'t bought one. When I buy my 500mm f/4 IS ii I might consider it because I\'ll no longer be so F/L limited. I\'ll say it again, I\'m not saying that there aren\'t those who need the 12fps and who doesn\'t like the dual controls without having to add a battery grip, but if you don\'t utilize that extra speed then the 1DX could be considered expensive overkill.

My \"theory\" isn\'t bogus. There are those who just buy the latest/greatest because it is just that, and not every 1DX owner belongs to this forum. Some of whom may well have bought a 1DX just because \"they had to have it\", despite the fact a lesser camera would have sufficed. I\'m not saying the 5D3 is the equal of the 1DX, but it\'s enough camera to take care of just about shooting situation bar those where the added speed is required. That is all

Mar 03, 2013 at 10:49 PM

  Previous versions of Bones74's message #11388866 « For those who upgrade to 1Dx, was it worth it? »