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Re: Copyright Laws with Newspapers and School

And a \"work for hire\" ... usually involves payment for the work, not a \"pay to play\". Ultimately, it comes down to the fine print, so you might want to double-check the copyright issue as others have mentioned, not so sure you still don\'t retain.

So, is the $1200 ... are you talking about tuition for the course, or is that an additional fee above & beyond the tuition?

Based on the tuition rate for your school ... this sounds more like an school-industry partnership, and your $1200 is simply tuition for the course. There are many curriculum\'s around the country with a myriad of schools and industries partnering to give students a chance to be \"where the action is\" ... in the real world. If you are only talking about the fact that you\'re paying tuition for a course and part of your education is the opportunity to work in the real world ... I\'d suggest you may have misunderstood /misrepresented things a touch.

It sounds like you\'re paying $1200 for a semester\'s worth of education ... and you\'re going to be getting a semester\'s worth of education ... on/off campus with academia/mentors.

I\'m assuming this is the course in question:

Staff Photojournalism J4560/7560
A laboratory course exploring the photojournalist’s role in the news gathering process. Students enrolled in J4560/7560 work as staff photographers for the Columbia Missourian, the morning daily newspaper in Columbia, Mo., covering news, sports, features and food assignments. Photographers are also expected to originate single pictures and stories, and work on group projects, documenting an indepth story. Students work closely with editors, writers, and designers to learn the skills needed to thrive in newsrooms.


According to Wiki ... The newspaper is published by the Missouri School of Journalism, the world\'s first school of journalism. The article also says the paper is funded by the school, so the \"foul play\" at you being forced to work for them to profit ... ... they are simply collecting money to help subsidize the school/production costs, which in turn (theoretically) helps keep your tuition nominal. Not much different from the school charging admission to theatrical performances for the drama department that students are producing, while the school retains the till.

My .02 ... be sure and take a few business classes in finance to better understand the money flow. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You\'re paying for part of your education, I\'m paying for part of your education, the subscribers to the newspaper are paying for part of your education ... and every other photographer in the country who pays taxes is paying for part of your education. Now, quit quibbling about your tuition and go grow yourself into the photographer you aspire to be under the tutelage of such an historied program.

And let us know when you get your first Purlitzer.

Feb 25, 2013 at 10:20 PM

  Previous versions of RustyBug's message #11374681 « Copyright Laws with Newspapers and School »