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Re: ?'s about a new Mac

I used to be a Mac user, for about 10+ years actually...then I switched to pc several years ago and got comparable performance out of a $500 Dell than I could get for $1500 on the Mac side. Since then I have not missed the apple premium.

In truth, I switched to pc because I couldn\'t afford a Mac that could handle my editing programs...but I could afford a pc that could.

Although I never liked Steve jobs much, I respected him as an intelligent person integral to apple\'s success and smart business model as well as their innovative product lines. With him gone, I believe they are making worse decisions and will fade into obscurity again. It\'s too bad, but as the greatest empires of history often fell to ruin after the conquerers and leaders who first built them died, so too I think apple will fall.

Why do you need a laptop for editing? Just about 2x the cost of a desktop for similar performance. My $1200 desktop pc does everything at least as fast as a $2400 pc laptop (or a $3800 Mac desktop or $3500 Mac laptop). i7 3770k 16gb etc...could have gotten the 6 core 3930k for another $200 (better just for editing). And if I ever did want to upgrade, then it\'s very easy. Just a new processor and mobo. Ram will be fine for a while yet.

Wow. I just priced the mac pro for comparable processor performance and I\'m really shocked...to configure a system comparable to my $1200 pc I would have to spend literally about $3700, including upgrading the graphics card later since they don\'t have a card option comparable to my gtx 660.

I\'m just shocked about that. Their laptops are significantly better than their towers for price/performance ratio. However...Lenovo thinkpad built like the best $3000 MacBook pro is $2100 (lacks the retina display but that\'s all). Plus, the Lenovo has max 32gb ram and a 3940xm processor that beats the mac, and you can have both upgrades and still pay about $100 less than the macbook. The only weak point is a smaller SDD drive...

Feb 25, 2013 at 08:34 PM

  Previous versions of form's message #11374405 « ?'s about a new Mac »