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Re: DP Review's 6D Review Is Up

Ralph Conway wrote:
Any review is biased. It has to be because it is written by a person (or a group) that is influenced by various factors: Personal experience, knowledge, behaviour, expectation and interest. I would wonder if not half of any review I read the last two decades in any so called \"professional\" print publications where driven mainly by the fact of selling an advertising page to the manufacturer.

So the best thing we can do is reading a couple of reviews, trying to generate our own opinion, go out and find a way to test out our \"favorite\" gear and if and how it fits our expectations. If I buy everything that has got a great review somewhere I just have to buy everything.

Reviews and (much more important) the experience of few people I trust (e. g. Roger Cicala, Bryan Carnathan, Keith Cooper, Stefan Rode, Timo Bierbaum and a couple of Members here) AND my own experience told me (FF):

- if I look for the best AF system there is 5D II and 1D X
- if I wish highest resolution there is D800
- if I want the leading available light performance there is 6D
- for best out of camera JPEGs I have to go Canon
- for highest DR I have to choose Nikon
- if I want to have the most excellent service ... etc

After I decided about my needs and my financial capabilities, I go to a shop and hold all those cameras in my hands and check what \"feels\" best. And after some sleepless nights at least I find a decission.

I would never decide any purchase based on a single review I read anywhere.

best JPG out from the camera? There are so many parameters when we let Japanese engineers decide what is best for us. In which way are Canons JPG better? Have you gone through all the parameters in terms of profiles ,contrast curves , saturation, hue etc etc. Purely measurable Canon has poorer color reproduction due to their color filters.
Try then the new d600 and let us know what you think about JPG out from the camera and return.

Feb 20, 2013 at 12:04 AM

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