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Re: Leica M8/M9/X1 Picture Thread

rscheffler wrote:
ryankarr wrote:
Thanks Ron!

It\'s Leica part # 14-481


rscheffler wrote:
Thanks Ryan. Do you think there is any risk of strong light sources from behind the camera reflecting off the filter and appearing in images due to the cutouts? 82mm filters would be easier to source and some Canon L lenses now also use that size, so it could work for me.. but would also make the 21 Lux even bigger.

ryankarr wrote:
I think that would definitely be a problem if there\'s a light source actually hitting the back on the filter. The cutouts are fairly large and there\'s a decent gap between the lens and the filter. I would have much prefered if it was indexed like the lens hood with cutouts only the area that impacts the viewfinder.

Do \"Series 8\" filters fit inbeween the lens and the hood? I need a 0.6 to 0.9 ND solution for the Summilux and I\'d prefer not to use the 82mm adapter for it.

Yes, a Series 8/VIII filter will fit in the hood, which acts as a retaining ring. Good luck finding someone with that size ND filter in stock. I ended up buying a cheap Tiffen 0.7 ND off the bay. It works, but also adds a bit of a green/cyan overall colour shift, so I\'m not entirely happy with it. I tried B&H for a B+W ND (don\'t recall which version) and was informed by them that they could no longer order it from B+W. I was informed by www.2filter.com that they could get something from B+W, but would take 4-6 weeks. That was back in January 2012 and I didn\'t pursue it further. As I may have stated before, for Leica to select the old Series VIII format (and Series VII for the 24 Lux), they should at least sell their own UV/ND filters in those sizes to ensure some availability.

If you do find a 0.9 ND in stock, get one for me too.


What size ND filter do you need? Bob Singh- Singh-Ray filters will make up pretty much anything that you want. But, you may need to supply him with the filter ring to make the filter. I have used Singh-Ray filters for quite some time. The filter could probably be made of resin or glass. They make the most neutral filters that I know of for color, what they are either uncoated or single coated I believe. I am not sure of what the cost might be, but a call to Singh-Ray may be in order. I very much doubt that you would have nearly as long a wait. Though when the made up a Cokin P sized 5 stop ND filter they couldn\'t get the glass from the supplier for quite some time.


By the way, they finally did get the glass and I have the 5 stop ND filter; they had made a 4 stop Cokin P size ND in resin before I left for my trip.

I hope that this proves to be of value.


Feb 15, 2013 at 08:32 PM

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