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Re: NEX Images Thread

waterden wrote:
Colour banding or colour shift refers to the magenta stripes at the sides of images created with many wide and wider angle lenses adapted to fit the Nex cameras. It is a particular problem with the Nex7 and both Cornerfix and Lightroom flat field plug-in are used to address it. It is generally only obvious on high key images such as snow scenes so perhaps it is present on yours but not that pronounced. My question was more to establish whether the VM15 is less prone to this effect than other Leica-M fit wide-angles.

On another subject, the script on your photos which describes your camera/lens combinations is very faint and hard to read. Which is a shame because you use an interesting variety of combinations. Would you mind brightening it up a little?

Colour banding typically refers to noise problems. The phenomenon you are describing is generally referred to as either colour shift. The NEX cameras are not known to have any banding of any kind at anything but insane ISO settings.

By the way, the writing for the lens and camera used is *very* clear here. Have you profiled your monitor recently?

Feb 13, 2013 at 07:38 PM

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