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Audrey {vintage dresses & exotic locations}

Some of my favorite outings with my camera involve getting together with another photographer that I admire...it really gets the creative juices flowing! My friend Sally of Sallykate Photography was out here in Arizona this past week visiting friends and made the 3 hour drive to my neck of the woods to see me on Saturday. We took her gorgeous 11 year old daughter out and let her play dress up with my vintage dress collection (all 75-ish years old and made by my Grandma). We hit snowy mountain tops and desert wasteland all in the same day. I might not love the town I live in, but I have to admit that we have a pretty awesome variety of shooting locations all within a short driving distance of my home.

Massive over-share incoming...we started up in the mountains a few miles up the road from my house (yes, it was cold)...









9 {my husband lost his wallet at this very spot some 7 years ago...lol}


11 {another dress, another location...just an abandoned local business but it has great light}


13 {love this one even though I had to perform elbow surgery due to a posing oversight}

14 {the most dramatic landscape we have around here...started shooting just before sunset and then kept going with OCF afterwards...this led to a huge variety of colors and looks all from one spot}



17 {getting kind of dark, enter the OCF...thanks again to those of you here who pushed me to give it a try finally}

18 {yes, this sunset is real...}



I still have more to edit, but this is a good sampling. My advice if you are stuck in a rut? Get together with another photographer. SO much fun! Thanks for looking!

Feb 13, 2013 at 12:21 AM

  Previous versions of Lisa_Holloway's message #11344640 « Audrey {vintage dresses & exotic locations} »