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Re: Epson 3000 vs 3880

IndyFab wrote:
Brian, once again, much thanks on the paper referrals. You have been quite helpful. I really appreciate it.

Paper is really a personal thing, you may hate every paper I recommend

When reading some reviews on the 3880, one of the reviewers commented that he had no experience printing, and recommended \"From Camera to Print\" by Michael Reichmann from Luminous Landscape site. He supposedly takes you through the entire workflow from calibrating the monitor to the finished print. Anyone out there have any experience with this, or possibly refer something simular.

There is a newer version: From Camera to Print and Screen, it can be recommended
it uses the Epson r3000 as the example printer

Another thing I ran into when researching, was about quality 3rd party ink. Specfically Jon Cone Inks, Any experience with it, or best to stay with Epson Ink

I think you are rather jumping the gun there. With 80 ml cartridges, I know of amateur photographers who are on their third year and still with the original cartridges. If for example you find you need to replace the cartridges twice in say five years, then third party inks aren\'t worth considering. If you amortize the cost of the printer and look at paper costs, then ink costs are low in comparison. I\'d wait till you see what you usage levels are.

And don\'t change a cartridge until it runs out. It can say 1% for quite some time.

Brian A

Feb 11, 2013 at 04:12 AM

  Previous versions of hugowolf's message #11340108 « Epson 3000 vs 3880 »