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Re: Mustangs Air to Air: The Sequel

Went .. those are some really cool jetman photos ... and SMOKE !! This guy has really choreographed this series .. were you part of his team for such ground access ? Thanks for sharing

Mr. JWilson .. nothing less than we ever expect you to ever deliver, but even I who am NOT a football fan enjoyed your those sport photos !

I was hopin\' to catch the Challanger and Global leave around noon .. but when folks with the kind of money who can have these units sittin\' around runnin\' on their Aux units for them, then there evidently isn\'t a tight schedule either .. so while waiting, watching the 2nd fuel truck unload into the Global this guy comes in behind me and lands midfield using it all up fast ..... sure looked good goin\' by me ..... lol

Gulfstream G450 just comin\' in to pick up passangers .. to big for our ramps so they just parked it in an open area so it could just move on without obstruction to a taxi way entry .. and they sat and sat .. needed nothing just running on aux - pilot went in to ops for some papers, then co pilot stretched his legs and when they\'d gotten back on board a young stewardess stretched her legs .. I had to leave - promised GF a trip to Pandora\'s for a Valentine Gift and Lone Star for dinner.

Feb 05, 2013 at 01:40 AM

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