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Re: Man... what happened?

Steady Hand, the thing is, forum websites have died for a reason.
- content is primarily written word, not much in the way of picture, no video or audio, etc.
- it doesn\'t lend itself to smart devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
- the structure is top-level and fixed
- some level of administration or policing is required (typically by third-party).
- information priority is based solely on the frequency of posts to that thread

On a social site, the structure is more group-within-group, people create their own groups, based on interest, location, friendships, or whatever. Groups grow, shrink, or gain/lose relevance over time. By and large, groups are policed or administered from within. Information is prioritized based on like/dislike rather than frequency. Content is a mixture rather than being primarily limited to the written word.

I don\'t think the social format is a perfect model, far from it. But it is what people use today.. and in some ways, a social medium is more suited to people who are photographing people. For instance, when I post a picture, the person in the photo can also comment and receive commentary (pretty rare here). This makes sense if you think of people photography more of a partnership between the subject and the photographer, not always true but often is.

And I don\'t expect that facebook, meetup, other social sites will be around forever, sites always come and go and someday the format will probably be outdated too.

Jan 31, 2013 at 06:55 PM

  Previous versions of Access's message #11314131 « Man... what happened? »