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Re: 6D - hands on & first experience

Kris Reiswig wrote:
To correct Luta13, from page 95 of the new 6d manual, turn the dial to select an AF on the LEFT or the RIGHT and turn the back wheel to select an AF point above of below. I cannot go around all of the focus points with the wheel, as I can on my T4i. If there is a way to cycle through all of the 11 focus points with just using the front dial, please, please let me know.

Edit: I just got of the phone with Canon CPS and my dissapointment is confirmed. The front scroll wheel will not go around the focus points, nor will the back wheel. The only way to go around the world is by individually selecting the focus point on the 8 way controller. Wow, that\'s one way for Canon to keep me on the center point!

Kris - Maybe I\'m just not understanding because I\'m not familiar with the T4i and I dont recognize exactly what you mean. But, before I posted above, I placed my eye to viewfinder on my 6D, I pressed the autofocus selection point button with my right thumb, as I turn the front wheel with my right index finger, my selection point changes one-by-one until it gets to the end where it will light all focus points before going back through one-by-one.
I\'m at work, so no camera, but thats how mine worked before I posted above.
Again, maybe your \'around the world\' is somehow describing something different and I just am not understanding the differnce.
Edit: I see that you are saying it does in fact go around but doesnt hit all eleven. Okay, perhaps it did skip a couple and I thought it hit all. I will check agian when I get home. Sorry for confussion.

Jan 25, 2013 at 02:58 PM

  Previous versions of Luta13's message #11297983 « 6D - hands on & first experience »