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Re: 5D Mk III BIF settings

gdanmitchell wrote:
kewlcanon wrote:
Dan what did you do to make him so worked up ? .

Your guess is as good as mine. ;-)

Attempting to answer your question...The following is not aimed at Dan (except for point 3 below) or anyone in particular...Just a bit sick of reading posts from the following types:
1. People who don\'t actually own the camera or equipment in question, but just re-gurgitate what they have read on here and think that they are experts because of this.
2. People who like to make comments just for the sake of putting forward their superior knowledge in extremely long posts.
3. People who can\'t answer the question being asked by the poster but then proceed to give some knowledge on a sort-of related issue.

Here is a quote from the original post
\" I\'d like to know your AF settings for BIF shots. I will have my hands on a Mk III Monday\"
his main problem was to
\"figure to out the settings\" on a 5D 3.

I stand by my original assertion that Dan\'s post was irrelevant in relation to the original question.

I am willing to concede the following:
1. Dan is an accomplished BIF photographer and probably a good bloke
2. Dan has posted many helpful posts on here
3. There was nothing wrong with the photo that Dan posted (I never said there was), I just said there was no need to post it.
4. Some of Dan\'s post may have been helpful to some who want to do BIF photography

However none of the above points have anything to do with my original statement.

I have just obtained a 5D3 and The only reason I clicked on this thread in the first place was to see out of curiosity how BIF photographers may be using the settings on the 5D3 as the AF menu is highly complex and nothing the like the menu on the 5D2.

I hope this explains the reasons for my \"attack\" on Dan as his was one of the types referred to above. I have learnt so much from reading on here and sure, I can just ignore posts I don\'t like or which are unhelpful. I usually do, but I guess I just had enough of certain \"types\". I apologise to Dan and any others I have offended.

Jan 21, 2013 at 02:25 AM

  Previous versions of marko1953's message #11286434 « 5D Mk III BIF settings »