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ColorMunki owners, PLEASE HELP!

First of all, I just got a new Dell U2711 monitor (cheap 2nd monitor) and new PC. Ok, I have need some help!

First, All I need to do is set the monitor to adobeRGB in it\'s settings, correct? I don\'t need to set anything in the PC to use that colorspace?

Second, I have the old Xrite DTP94 calibrator. But the software does not work with windows 7. My father purchased the ColorMunki, so I decided to give it a try. I am shocked that it does NOT have you adjust any red, green, blue, or even contrast values. I simply had to lower my brightness all the way down to 7, and then it finished measuring colors and made a profile. Is this as accurate as the old DTP94, when it used to adjust all the values? Ro does the colormunki simply make all those adjustments in the software?

Third, I am VERY worried about the printer profiling. First, again, my old Xrite profiler, used to have me print about 300 little color blocks that it measured. (It won\'t calibrate anymore, so it\'s broke) The colormunki only measures two prints, with what, about 100 blocks, if that? Worried about it\'s accuracy.

Fourth, but maybe most important. When printing the color blocks for printer profiling, it has me set my epson r1800 printer. I use the correct paper, best photo, and ICM, no color management. So, it measures those prints, BUT, then when I edit a pic in photoshop, and go to print, I choose relative colorametric. There are 4 choices to choose from, and they ALL will turn out different, and yet I never had a chance to have the profiler measure, when using any of those settings, so how the heck can it be correct! How can it make a profile, using none of those, but then when I use PS, I must use one, which alters the colors. Please help, I do not want to waste paper and ink till I know how to do this correctly. thanks.

Jan 21, 2013 at 02:16 AM

  Previous versions of Drayken's message #11286406 « ColorMunki owners, PLEASE HELP! Dell U2711 »