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Tony B
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Re: Lack of inspiration for CANON ???

Hulot wrote:
Pixel Perfect wrote:
People forget, no one has caught up to Canon\'s lens line-up and for me it\'s more about the glass and Canon also leads in AF again IMO. So I agree they are behind on sensor tech, but as an all around package they are miles ahead of Sony and still in front of Nikon.

Quite honestly I disagree! We have seen Nikon, Tamron and Sigma focussing on OS VC and VR lenses, starting with the great 16-35 VR going to the Tamron 24-70 and then the new 70-200VR you have an unmatched quality package combined with the D800. I also have to admit that Nikon\'s flash systems have worked great for years now.

IMO Canon is tiptoeing around the best possible package to form their market, like we can see with the double 24-70 proposition or the 5D3 which hasnt a top rated sensor.

Truth in both posts . However, whilst I have good Canon glass I do not intend to become embroiled in body wars.
If starting out anew one has many factors to take into consideration. Who knows in 20 years time Canon & Nikon could go the way of HMV. I doubt it but these days anything could eventuate.
It is my opinion that too many people want giant leaps but are only willing to pay the price of a small step.

Jan 21, 2013 at 01:19 AM

  Previous versions of Tony B's message #11286297 « Lack of inspiration for CANON ??? »