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Re: C&C: U5 Soccer

Welcome to the forum keoni068! These are not bad at all, in fact, well exposed, sharp, a ball present and you\'ve already started to shoot with a smaller dof (f/3.5) to help blur background and concentrate on the action. I\'d say you have already progressed above the average crowd.

Russ\' comments regarding the negative space in photos is spot on. You want to draw your viewers into the action. Extra space around it serves to dilute the action within the frame. Reducing it makes each frame stronger. In addition, always remember, you cannot get low enough when trying to capture munchkins at play At this age level its on your butt or belly so the frame doesn\'t have that awkward (and unpleasing) down angle perspective. It\'s importance amplifies as the action comes closer to you. In all, a very good set.

Keep shooting and posting, it gets better... and, oh yes, start saving money. Bigger fields demand large, fast glass


Jan 20, 2013 at 05:12 PM

  Previous versions of schlotz's message #11284969 « C&C: U5 Soccer »