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Phillip Reeve
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Re: NEX Images Thread

Jacob D wrote:
Phillip, that last one really grabbed my attention. The zig zagging fence really makes it, and as usual your processing skills bring out the details.

How are you liking the 16-50? How about the NEX6?

I sold it quickly after i got it because they sell for crazy 250 euros here.
Optically i liked it, performance @16mm was quite fine after lenscorrection much better than my 18-55 @18mm.
I didn\'t really test the whole focal range but performance seemed solid.
I had some not perfectly focused images with it, focus wasn\'t off much but resolution suffered significantly.

My observations moving from the 5n to the 6

  1. image quality is the same
  2. operation is improved significantly
  3. i like to have a viewfinder, not that i am a huge fan of how it works it is nice to have
  4. the 6 is significantly bigger than the 5n
  5. the body is made mostly of plastic, doesn\'t feel as nice as the 5n
  6. When shooting raw-only the 5n\'s display often showed mushy details when zoomed in, the 6 doesn\'t do that

ebookman wrote:
What software do you use to stitch images?


Jan 20, 2013 at 08:20 AM

  Previous versions of Phillip Reeve's message #11284239 « Sony (APS-C) Images Thread »