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Re: External HD crashed

I seem to remember it was the 75Gb IBM\'s that were mostly the problem. A little google work even suggests that there was a class action suit filed about their reliability. I have a suspicion a lot of reliability problems at the time related to cooling - consumer level cases at the time were not well designed, and a lot of folk did tend to stuff as many drives as they could in a case. I remember i used to buy dedicated cooling fans for my drives, and i did tend to have less trouble than my friends. Your reliability experience would reflect the proper cooling of an enterprise level system.

Bifurcator - thats a damn fast RAID setup you have. From the reviews i\'ve seen spinning disks are still at the 150Mb/sec level, unless you buy Raptors or enterprise drives. So your 2 drive RAID 0 stripes seem oddly fast if that is a sustained rather than burst rate.

Still, for applications like photo and video editing, where the data will tend to be stored sequentially, i\'m not convinced an SSD is perceptively any faster than a spinning disk. I\'ve empirically compared having my RAW\'s on an SSD (a second SSD, not the one i boot from) and a spinning HDD and i can\'t see any difference in load times for LR and Photoshop. The big performance improvement is in random i/o, and then hosting the OS and stuff like swap/temp files on the SSD is where you really feel the speed.

Jan 20, 2013 at 07:16 AM

  Previous versions of 15Bit's message #11284195 « External HD crashed »