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Re: 5D Mk III BIF settings

marko1953 wrote:
There is really no need to post BIF photos to support your assertions. This is just \"grand-standing\" and saying \"See, look at my photo, I really do know what I am talking about\". I have no doubt you are an accomplished photographer of BIF\'s. We all get that.

My point was that your post was irrelevant to the OP\'s question, because it was specifically about AF ON THE 5D3.
The AF on the 5D2 (which you posted details about) is absolutely nothing like AF on the 5D3. Therefore most of your post was irrelevant.

Look at this another way say on a car forum..... Someone asks a question about a 59 Chev automatic. No one replies for a few days so another person writes in about their experience with a 2010 Jaguar automatic. The person with the 59 Chev is not any wiser after the post about the Jaguar. Some things may be \"car independant\" they all have 4 wheels and they all have some sort of motor and gearbox.

In regards to your point 1, above. \"A good number of the decisions about how to set up a camera for BIF are camera-independent. In other words, the basic concepts that apply on a 5D2 (or other DSLR) can also be usefully applied on the 5D3.\"
Can you please enlighten us on exactly what is camera independent? Please keep your answer confined to the AF as this was the OP\'s question. Please don\'t write that the focus point must be kept on the bird! I think we all know that.

Your point about other posters chiming in with useful info has nothing to do with my original assertion that:

Thanks go to the very relevant posts of other members. If your sole intention was to \"bump up\" the post, you did not need to write more than a few words. I think your sole motivation was to show off your superior knowledge about your BIF photography, albeit on an entirely irrelevant camera.


Bye now.

Jan 18, 2013 at 05:27 AM

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