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Joel Knepper
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upgrade to 600EX RTs?

For a couple of years now we\'ve been shooting with a few 580EX IIs, both on and off camera, with Radiopoppers. My wife and I each have one on our camera (5D Mark II and 7D) and we share 2 off camera in either ETTL, manual, or one of each, depending on the situation. We\'ve enjoyed the system but lately it has just become too unreliable. There were always some misfires but recently it has gotten really bad and I can\'t figure out where the problem is. We\'ve gotten to the point of being so fed up with flashes not firing, or misfiring at 1/1 that we are looking for other options. So, obviously we\'ve started looking at the new 600EX RTs as a replacement system. The only thing holding me back is the compatibility issues with our cameras. I\'ve read about a billion reviews and forum posts on this topic so I\'m sorry to post again but I just want to try to clarify that how we use our flashed will work before buying anything.

Here is what I would like to know: Using a 5D Mark II or 7D - Can I have an on camera 600EX, set to fire in ETTL, fire two separate off camera 600EX slaves (in radio mode of course, I have no us for optical)? Can one slave be ETTL and the other manual? Will controls for slaves set in manual be on the slave flash (as they currently are on the 590EX II, or will they be able to be adjusted on the master? Can I still use the on camera flash just to trigger the slaves, not to fire it\'s own flash? If the answer is yes above, can this be done in HSS?

And finally, I\'m curious about how the radio features affect the battery life. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Jan 02, 2013 at 08:56 PM

  Previous versions of Joel Knepper's message #11236063 « 600EX RTs with 5d Mark II or 7D »