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Re: A few new beauty shots

ocir wrote:
Might be my monitor but WB is off?

WB is dead on perfect.

As Steady might say, please take these comments in the spirit they are intended, which is to offer constructive, helpful insights.

Beautiful model. Overall, the photos are excellent. Photos are sharp, clear, crisp.

The poses need some work, specifically the hands where they contact the brass rail in 1, 3, & 4. The way her fingers are bent looks quite awkward in all three, and her wrist is has an uncomfortable bend in it in 3. Personally, I can\'t see any reason for her to be in contact with the brass rail in any of those three. In 1 & 4, if her hand were resting on the bar itself, that would be fine, but the brass rail is just competing for our attention.

In 3, the combination of the extended arm, her gaze out of the frame, her position facing her entire body out of the frame, and her extremely close proximity to the camera right frame edge causes me to not know where to look. As a viewer of a photo, we tend to look where the model is looking, so on the one hand, we are drawn to the upper right corner of the frame. Because she is so close to the right side of the frame (yes, I know she\'s right on the thirds line), our gaze continues on, completely out of the frame. On the other hand (literally, in this case), a viewer\'s gaze is also led along lines, such as her arm. So I am sitting here going back a forth, right and left, left and right, and I can\'t find a place to for my gaze to settle. And there doesn\'t seem to be any reason for hr being in contact with the brass rail other than to lead our eye, but in this case, we\'re being led the wrong way.

If she were facing camera left, our eye would be drawn into the frame from the left, down her arm, to her face. If she were also making eye contact with the camera, our gaze would stop right there, where we would find our self staring at her beautiful eyes.

Last thing -- the lighting on your model is great. If I were to change anything, in #4, I\'d tone down the light in her left (camera right) side. It\'s pushing the limits there just a little. It\'s not bad, but it\'s headed in the direction of being too hot.

The lighting on the bottles of liquor behind her in 1, 3, & 4, however is bright to the point of being distracting. Again, this is a matter of where the viewer\'s eye is drawn, and it\'s usually drawn to the brightest part of the scene. In this case, it\'s the liquor bottles behind the bar. I assume this is caused be spill from the lights on the model. Since I wasn\'t there when you shot these, I can\'t offer a suggestion on how to correct it, in future shoots, do keep an eye out for the spill on the BG.

I know it may sound as if I\'ve torn these photos to shreds, but not really. These are relatively minor details. As I said earlier, overall, they are excellent photos of a beautiful young woman.

Dec 28, 2012 at 01:08 PM

  Previous versions of donrisi's message #11222476 « A few new beauty shots »