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justruss wrote:
i) Really, 47hr battery, or is that \"watt hour\"?

Yeah, that\'s battery capacity. 47.x w/hr (Sorry, forgot my double-u). It\'s rated at 5.5hrs to 6hrs in \"normal use\" @ full brightness - whatever \"normal use\" is.

ii) i7 3.0 really doesn\'t say much about the processor, such as how many cores, what generation chip, whether hyperthreading is enabled.
Gen-3, dual-core+HT, 4MB Cache

StevenPA wrote:
Nah. Would rather have a Zenbook or Air.

I looked at the zenbooks and this DELL is built tougher - even tho the pics make the XPS-12 look kinda flimsy.

justruss wrote:
-The $1400 model has a dual-core (hyptherthreading enabled) 1.9 ghz processor-- that can TURBO boost to 3.0. That\'s a big difference than having a 3.0 ghz chip, or having a 4-core non-hyperthreaded (or better yet, 4-core, hyperthreaded) chip.

What lightweight laptops have those?

Mescalamba wrote:
You are college student?


For myself I would buy some superpowered and heavy notebook.
Yup, that\'s me too! But I can see a uni freshman lugging one around campus unless he was a total game freak!

15Bit wrote:
Check out the screen - I have a Dell E6230 (and an E4300 before it) and the screen is no good for photo work. Poor viewing angles and very restricted gamut.

160˚ view angle IPS screen - 176ppi. Gorilla glass top. It\'s glossy tho. I can\'t find any info on the gamut - but still looking...

Here\'s a review from CNET: http://www.cnet.com/laptops/dell-xps-12/4505-3121_7-35427784.html

Dec 24, 2012 at 04:56 PM

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