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USPS rant (small)

Yeah, I\'m well away that its the holidays, I\'m just kind of ticked off that USPS seems to not care at all about schedules. I bought an item last weekend, seller shipped it out Monday via USPS (as I stupidly asked for), estimated delivery date was Wednesday. USPS already came by my work and still no package. It\'s now 2 days late, and the \'tracking\' system they use is down right pathetic. They might as well tell you \"it might get there on this day, or some time after that day, but not before it\", the last check in they had for the package was 2 days ago.

Anywho, I just had to rant a little. I know most of you don\'t care about my problems but at least I feel a little better expressing myself.

Dec 20, 2012 at 05:51 PM

  Previous versions of BenV's message #11206244 « USPS rant (small) »