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Buy & Sell Woes!!!

I\'m not looking for sympathy here just a few opinions. I have completed a lot of good honest transactions over the years on B&S and can honestly say I never cheated anyone and no one has cheated me. In this case it was me that got blindsided by a member in good standing and with limited but respectable feedback. Here is the link to the ad.


The lens was received without delay. Upon inspecting it the first thing I found out was that the lens was grey market not USA as described in the ad. The seller claims that he was the original owner and that the lens was sparingly used on only on two gigs. The lens mount shows heavy brassing the full circumference of the mount. He claimed it was normal wear from the two gigs. He argued the point that it was not grey market because Adorama does not sell grey market, he said he was the original owner but that it was a demo lens when he bought it, maybe so. The lens serial indicates that it was made in 2006. After voicing complaints about his inaccurate description , I agreed to accept it at a reduced price of $875. There was also a track worn in the paint from turning the Kirk bracket vertical to horizontal, the lens was obviously well used. He said if I wasn\'t satisfied I could return it. However it was working and I had it and needed it so I went for it. I checked it out at a local venue and in the backyard, maybe 30 shots. He claims to have paid $54 for shipping from Fresno Ca. to Orange County, about 210 miles. What about his shipping charge if I return it. My response to him was I can Fedex ground it back in one day for less than $20.
Less than 4 days after receiving it I took the lens with me to Bosque in NM, I used the lens for less than 100 shots. The next day I was going to use it again, the lens would not autofocus. The focusing motor was shot. He mentioned that the lens motor squeaked in the ad, I had the same lens before, that one squeaked as well even when new, I wasn\'t worried too much about the squeak.
I returned to the motel and immediately wrote to him telling him what had happened and that I was going to return the lens per his previous offer. I said I would check the lens out further when I got home, his response was to keep him informed. I returned home, checked the camera body and indeed it was the lens. I wrote to him, his response was that he reduced the price which finalized the sale and was not accepting it for return. This of course came after he found out the focusng motor died.

I have since opened a case with paypal. I reported the facts, he stated his side of the story and claims that he doesn\'t know what I did to the lens but I did something because it worked perfectly when he had it. The whole transaction was filled with lies from start to finish.

Any opinions, comments or suggestions on what to do more than what I have done already would be appreciated.
My lens died within 4 days and less than 200 clicks and the seller says it\'s my problem.


Dec 19, 2012 at 02:15 AM

  Previous versions of geniousc's message #11202629 « Buy & Sell Woes!!! »