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Bob Jarman
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Lil Sis.....

gneto wrote:
Bob Jarman wrote:

I do ask however that reworks of my images not be hosted on Flickr.

Sure thing, it's already gone. I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable uploading other's photos there as well, but I don't really have anywhere else to upload to.

Not a problem and thank you, I think most of us upload directly to FM which requires a membership. And I understand there are no guarantees about FM posts being misused elsewhere.

My Flickr hang up: a good friend found some of her images posted on Flickr being used elsewhere plus it seems most Flickr posts have the Exif stripped from them. I think there is a conscious work-around but it requires extra effort. Too, I don't like the idea of images, anyone's images, being harvested and posted elsewhere by web-bots.

A common demo of newer programming languages is to snap together several modules that cruise Flickr (and similar sites) vacuuming up images and posting them on a 'wall' for display - Silverlight™ and Java™ to name two. Neat, quick, and very effective.

Perhaps someone knows of another alternative?

Thanks for your re-work effort and understanding,



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Dec 18, 2012 at 01:37 PM

  Previous versions of Bob Jarman's message #11200847 « Lil Sis..... »