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Re: DO you USE an IPAD!?

Jochenb wrote:
I love the ipad, but not for editing photos. I only use mine for backup on the road.

Yeah, with a 64GB miniSD I thought of that too. But then 64GB SDXC cards are only about $50 these days - and of course it\'s much faster to change an SD card than it is to transfer 32 or 64 gigs worth of files. Additionally if you\'re shooting RAW and on an Apple device you can\'t even see them - it\'s just storage.

I tried out a laptop 500GB USB HDD daisy-chained through the Android phone and transferred files from the camera thru the phone to the HDD and that was doable but I think there must be better solutions. (duh, like a laptop and a USB cable... )

In my case I just can\'t see any useful ways to use a pad or phablet in the field for images. Sure it\'s a fun toy. You can use it for communications, scheduling, directions, tutorials and instructions, even to share an image or two on-line from the field. But typically speaking unless you\'re the type of person who walks 20 miles out of your way to buy bottled water when there was a spigot right next to you, phablets and tablets just aren\'t very useful to the RAW shooter - which I assume is the vast majority of us.

They\'re too slow, too cumbersome to use, too small IMO, and so on. On the other hand most Android phablets and phones at least, can be used for internet tethering thus giving your laptop or tablet PC every advantage that your iPad or Phablet had over it in the first place.

Dec 12, 2012 at 03:26 PM

  Previous versions of Bifurcator's message #11185354 « DO you USE an IPAD!? »