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Re: Thinking of switching

I just came from Sony, had a65, a77, a57 and a full line of Sony lenses (70-200g, 70-400g, 16-50 2.8, 35mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8).

I just switched to Nikon because of 2 things:

Number one: IQ - Detail - Dynamic Range and Noise control are way way better in Nikon, even the cheap body I got (d5100) out performs the A77 in all of that.... and I was a 5 months user of the A77 and A65. Only the A57 (yes the cheaper one) competes with Nikon in that area.

Number 2: Equipment availability, it is really hard to find what you want in the sony mount locally.... most of the time you have to order online, and if you wanted to save a few bucks and buy locally second hand.... good luck with that....
It took me 3 months to buy my sony gear because I wanted second hand, and some of it I had to buy new online because it wasn\'t available locally.
I wanted to try some of the expensive lenses before buying them so I thought about renting them.... well no luck there neither.... almost no one stocks Sony Gear for rent.
I once lost my battery charger for my A77 and I had to travel to 6 diferent stores before I was able to locate it locally..... very anoying.

With nikon on the other hand...... I bought all my line up in less than a week, second hand and with a third of the price of what I spent with Sony. And I know that if I ever need something else... I will have it most likely locally to buy either second hand, new or be able to rent it.

Now.... Sony has great technology.... there are lots of thing I will miss with Sony... Like Focus Peaking, Image Stabilization in the Body, real time Live Preview and real time focusing with it and a few other things.

So you always have to compromise some where... what is more important to you.... is totally up to you.

Just my 2 cents.... from someone that have actually used these 3 Sony cameras for a few months.
Just a word of advise... go for the a57 if you make the change... unless you are ready to deal with lots of noise and less detail than what you expect. But also be ready for some great new tech features that you can\'t see in Nikon. :-) .

Dec 11, 2012 at 12:24 AM

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