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Re: What is your most recent (alt) lens purchase?

carstenw wrote:
I was wrong. The next element had a spacer ring which was not fastened, and with a bit of jiggling, it just fell out. Then there was another retaining ring, and then another spacer and another element which fell out. Now the only one which is left is the one at the very tip, and it looks like it should unscrew, but I don\'t have the right tool for this. I am considering ordering it...

The status quo:

So, today I finally found the time and will to pull this through to the end. I recently bought a couple of ring-twister tools which I used to get the final ring off. In the photo above, you can see in the bottom-right corner the camera-side half of the disassembled device. At the tip of this was the last optical group. The ring surrounding this actually comes off, but it was hella stiff, and I had to resort to using the two ring-removal tools with a pair of think leather gloves and a surface I could push down on for leverage. Finally I got it off, and the last two lenses came out.

Having done that, and with a bit of fiddling, thinking, and three assembly tries, I was able to get it back together in such a way that AI works, stopping down on the camera body works, and aperture readout (manual for Nikkor-compatible lenses) works. This all only worked because I didn\'t cut anything related, and kept all the prongs. I do have to use my ZF.2 lenses in manual mode for this to work, i.e. there is no electronic communication.

In the end, it is now a very cool little adjustable macro ring. I need to test my lenses a bit to see which lenses give sufficient working distance (I suspect that anything shorter than 35-50mm will not give sufficient distance to the subject), and which lenses hold up under such magnification. I have briefly tested the 50/2 MP ZF.2, and it seems okay. I need to put it on a tripod and do some careful tests, but I am hopeful. I imagine that the 100MP will also work, but with less magnification. Given the 50P and 85P extreme sharpness when stopped down, I wonder if they might be better?

Dec 05, 2012 at 03:32 PM

  Previous versions of carstenw's message #11167550 « What is your most recent (alt) lens purchase? »