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Re: What is your favourite type of photography?

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Other: Surfers and surfing


It\'s more than just the sport, though. It\'s the entire culture that interests me. Unfortunately, I don\'t get to spend as much time immersed in it as I\'d like.

Presumably this is pretty much true for every sport and its chroniclers. Would anyone actually care about a bunch of guys lobbing a ball around, were it not for the stories/drama/history/culture constructed around it?

That\'s probably a discussion for a different thread, but my short answer is yes, the type of conflict involved in team games (in which people lob around balls) is inherently interesting to people. They\'re driven by competition, even at the amateur level, since the goal is to win games. Specific to photography, that kind of head-to-head conflict is rife with opportunities to walk away with interesting, dramatic photographs.

Anyway, the only aspect of the sport that interests me is that it\'s a globally popular method for humans to interact with the ocean. As Derek aptly points out, I live in a landlocked state, so I don\'t really have a relationship with the ocean beyond it being a place to visit, the setting for shark documentaries, or, on the rare occasion, something to traverse. So I find anyone who chooses to interact directly with the ocean fascinating. And those most passionately devoted to it are a diverse and interested crowd from a personal perspective.

Dec 04, 2012 at 11:07 PM

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