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First Basketball Shots

So the HS I shoot for had opening night for all of their BB teams and I was fortunate to given the opportunity to shoot for the basketball team as well! All teams played in one evening. Freshman, JV and Varsity boys and girls! I was pretty wore out at the end!

Here are a few I liked. Comments and thoughts are always welcome and greatly appreciated. This site has been a ton of help from this past football season. Now on to Basketball! Some things I need to work on is anticipation of this type of play and that will lead to sharper shots.

Gym is pretty well lit and offered a full walk around on the upper level (see last shot). Wow I have seen and heard just how much cycling of lights there could be and noticed a bit of that going on with exposures. Some variations on the court for ISO as you will see in the exif. All shot in manual.

Thanks again for the help!

Dec 03, 2012 at 03:28 PM

  Previous versions of MakoShark's message #11162446 « First Basketball Shots »