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Re: Style or Trash

oldrattler wrote:
My wife says I am a man that pleases everybody; Some when I show up, the rest when I leave.

Ain\'t that the truth. Guilty as charged over here as well.

BTW .. the pic style (first three in particular) has a kinda retro, gritty, Norman Rockwell, (but not) vibe to it. Not a mainstay style for sure, but it takes me to a different sense of time & place. Still not quite sure @ where that is, but for me, it is kind of surreal and familiar at the same time ... if that makes any sense.

I realize that others have seen it as a bit \"unorthodox\" for the subject matter (how\'s that for political correctness ). As an \"artform\" it reminds me of a time and place with a bit more innocence and carefree aspect to a society that no longer is prevalent in America.

I didn\'t take it as a form of disrespect (I am DAV), but just a different rendering. I can understand how some feel it to be not properly presented ... but seeing happy boys, and knowing that it is the sacrifices we service members have made that allows them to be free-spirited as they are learning to grow into patriotic men ... well, I\'m good with that.

Nov 20, 2012 at 03:20 PM

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