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Paris with DP2M and Nex 7

Two weeks ago I spent 4 days together with my family in Paris. The main focus of this trip was sightseeing, having fun and eating some good food.

But of course I also wanted to meet my friend Philippe and shoot together with him. We managed to do this on one evening at the Pont Alexandre III and on one morning at the Louvre. Since this was not a photography trip I decided to leave the Leica equipment at home and just take my new Sigma DP2M and a small tripod. Philippe used his Nex 7 with his Leica lenses.

I’m satisfied with the images I got out of the DP2M and did not regret leaving the Leica at home. The biggest problem with the DP2M is, that the necessary postprocessing of the images is quite time-consuming (compared to other cameras like the Leica M9 or Canon 5DII). First I have to use two converters (SPP and LR) and second I don’t like the colors of the Sigma files without further adjustments. For example I often had to reduce the yellow saturation to get pleasing results. Nevertheless I really like the DP2M.

Here are my images:

Pont de la Tournelle:

Institut du monde arabe:

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Neuf:

Pont des Arts:


Cité (Métro Paris):

Cathédrale Notre-Dame:

Place de la Concorde:

Jardin des Tuileries:

Place Georges-Pompidou:

Tour Eiffel:

Now it\'s your turn Philippe. And thanks again for your help in Paris.


Nov 15, 2012 at 10:30 PM

  Previous versions of Bobu's message #11120090 « Paris with DP2M and Nex 7 »