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Re: Mustangs Air to Air: The Sequel

JWilsonphoto wrote:
Dear Jo and Glenn,

as I whipped around Austin on 130,( which incidentally is my new favorite road in Texas!! 80/85 legally, with about six other cars in sight!!!) I caught a glimpse of an incredible view right down Bergstrom\'s runway. Because it was pitch black, and I was doing the legal limit, I didn\'t have time to quickly assess what kind of access there might be to that runway view, and if you could get even closer in some field or on a road. At first blush, it looked like a spot where the dynamic quartet could get a pizza (half sausage/half veggie) and hang out shooting airplanes at the golden hour. What do you think?

BTW Lady Jo, very nice aerials of the Grand Prix facilities!! If they had an inkling of the talent at their fingertips we\'d have gotten unlimited credentials mailed to us months ago!

I know exactly where you mean, Jim, and I have wondered the same thing myself! Looks like a good spot to pitch camp if they\'re landing to the north. Might have to have a nosey. here is a link to the Google map of the area; top left is Bergstrom, bottom right is COTA. A little left of where Burleson/Elroy road crosses 130 is where we would want to be, I think. There\'s a few dead-end roads and driveways about there which we might be able to hang out in.

Nov 15, 2012 at 09:05 PM

  Previous versions of futurshox's message #11119897 « Mustang Air to Air: The Sequel »