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Re: Mustangs Air to Air: The Sequel

Kingfishphoto wrote:
There was an interesting article in Allentowns Morning Call Newspaper last week about not letting an Auto company sell/market their own products. I quess its headed for the courts. Sounds a bit like the Preston Tucker saga that many of us lived throught in 1948. Lots of competiors want to kill that also, maybe for different reasons.
Harry Palmer

The suits are being brought by dealer organizations over state laws designed to prevent auto manufacturers who already have dealer networks from competing with their dealers by selling direct. The dealers are scared to death that their business model collapses, not if Tesla succeeds in selling cars online (the only way you can buy a Tesla, BTW), but rather if the big boys try to do the same. Think Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble. Most consumers these days walk into the new car showroom already knowing everything about their intended car purchase from researching it on the Internet. They\'d be thrilled with a transparent online purchase transaction, because nobody I know has ever enjoyed the sales experience at a dealership.

Dealer laws stand in the way of this change; you can bet the majors are looking long and hard at Tesla\'s business model, as well as the cars they\'re designing.

Nov 13, 2012 at 03:34 PM

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