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Re: OM-D Images

Makten wrote:
surf monkey wrote:
So have most OM-D users upgraded from the 20f1.7 to the 25f1.4?

I did, but recently got the 20/1.7 again for its nicer AOV and smaller size.

The 20f1.7 seemed to be first good prime, so I assume their were many early MFT users.
Now I see so many photos on this thread using the 25f1.4.
Is it that much better? Is it the DOF, AF speed, bokeh?

Everything is a little bit better with the 25/1.4, so overall it\'s preferable. But it\'s much larger, especially with the hood on, and of course narrower.
The worst thing with the 20 is the terribly slow and inaccurate AF. Sometimes it just hunts for five seconds without finding anyting, even in good light.

I\'m always surprised to hear people complain about the 20\'s AF - I\'ve never had an issue with it. I often take shots like this hiking at large apertures and a large majority are in focus......

Nov 11, 2012 at 01:08 PM

  Previous versions of michael49's message #11108417 « OM-D & PEN Images »