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Re: Quality of light, speedlight vs strobe

iseeq4life wrote: If the softbox quality is the same, will there be any significant difference in quality of light from a strobe to a speedlight and why?

The biggest difference is in the way light is emitted: most flash guns have non-removable reflectors behind the tubes and Fresnel lenses in front of them. (There are exceptions, such as the Quantum line). Most monolights have true bare bulb capability. (There are exceptions, such as the Profoto D1.)

A bare bulb will fill a soft box more evenly than a focused beam from a flash gun will, so unless the box is designed to take advantage of a beam, a studio strobe will give more-even light across the face of the box. An example of a soft box that makes good use of a flash gun is the Westcott Apollo, with its retro-firing design that aims the flash into the back of the box and reflects it forward.

iseeq4life wrote: ...What I\'m trying to figure out is how advantageous is it to have mono-strobe lights if all I want is personal use at home for kids portrait. Are mono-strobe kits like the D-Lite worth their price?

Worth is very subjective. With a monolight strobe you have the advantages of A/C power, modeling light, higher output, etc. With a flash gun you have the advantage of portability and freedom for A/C outlets.

I know some amateur photographers who have strobes and are happy with the purchase, and I know some pros who use only flash guns who are happy with that choice.

In my case (and I\'m mostly shooting for personal pleasure these days, with paid work being pretty rare) I haven\'t found a compelling reason to buy strobes. I have three Canon Speedlites that work perfectly with my Canon cameras, and I have full remote control capability of the off-camera flashes from the menu of my 7D, including controlling and firing a Speedlite inside a soft box using the pop-up flash on my camera in typical home-sized and small-office rooms.

Here\'s some of my gear that I\'ve used for portrait sessions (I need to update the last photo, because it shows a Vivitar 285HV that a rarely use now that I have more than one Speedlite):

Nov 06, 2012 at 08:52 AM

  Previous versions of BrianO's message #11095860 « Quality of light, speedlight vs strobe »