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Re: Manual Focus Nikon Glass

Thanks Leighton. This thing is a beast to handhold, making the 180/2.8 seem like child\'s play!

Ben takes the cake with product photography. I had all of these great ideas like having all of my lenses bowing down before it with a subtitle like \"One lens to rule them all...\" and then I remembered I have a mobile 9 month old. Who really loves cameras and tries to attack my camera and tripod to play with them every he sees them. So I take what I can get. As soon as he saw me set down the tripod for theses shots, he came tearing across the floor from the dining room and my wife had to intercept him

He\'s currently trying to climb our dining room table to try and get the camera and a couple of lenses while I post this:

CT-302 Carrying Case:

Mounted with an F100 for size comparison.

The USPS let me down and didn\'t get my Wimberley lens plate today which is a shame as I was going to go out and take some pictures of the SpaceX engine testing facility that is on the west side of our town while they are testing their VTL Grasshopper Rocket. The head on the tripod is sturdy enough with my wireless releases and mirror up inside, but no way it will be stable in the 15-20MPH winds we have right now. Oh well, it will be here soon.

This gives you a view of the hood coverage with the built-in hood and HE-4 installed.

HE-4 reversed into the storage position.

I\'m very glad I don\'t have to buy 122mm front filters for this thing...

I\'m hoping to get out and put this to good work a bit more over the next few days and bring back some good shots. This is my first time use a lens that is longer than 180mm except for borrowing a TC from Curtis for my wife\'s graduation. Hopefully I will master it and maybe eventually by a TC14b or TC201 for even longer reach. Much cheaper than buying that 500/4 AI-P

Oct 13, 2012 at 10:16 PM

  Previous versions of huddy's message #11038864 « Manual Focus Nikon Glass »