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NEX 5R vs NEX 6: features

My apologies if this has been discussed and I missed it.

So the 5R and 6 appear to be using the same sensor and AF system. They both share the same (somewhat hobbled) 2 dial interface. But what are the main differences?

What I see:

5R exclusive features:
1. touch screen with touch shutter feature
2. 180 degree tilting screen (for self portraits and such)
3. smaller form factor.
4. better-placed movie button
5. top-placed playback button

6 exclusive features:
1. OLED viewfinder
2. Mode dial (but no custom settings)
3. Built-in flash
4. more robust form factor (more comfortable to my hands)
5. odd movie button placement
6. AEL button
7. Quick-Navi menu option (very nice feature from my A900 days)
7. rear-placed playback button

I\'m not sure if I\'m missing anything or have made a mistake here. With the 3 newly announced lenses, I will be purchasing one of these camera. I\'m not interested in tele lenses, as I\'ll continue to use my D700 for that, but for wide angle to normal, I\'m excited about this system, especially with the 10-18, as I\'m always down on the ground with my d700 and 17-35.

The question is which one?

The flash is irrelevant to me. I like the 180 degree touch screen feature of the 5R. But I also like the larger form factor of the 6. And Quick-Navi would seem to be a very convenient way of bypassing the sub-par NEX menu system. I don\'t think the 5R is offering this feature, but I\'m not sure.

The viewfinder is a big question mark. I see myself doing a lot of waist-height and lower shooting. I could always add a viewfinder to the 5R, but I can\'t add a touch screen to the 6. But the form factor(7) sure feels good in my hand. Decisions, decisions.

Oct 05, 2012 at 12:24 PM

  Previous versions of mjk115's message #11017786 « NEX 5R vs NEX 6: features »