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Probably the last semi-Pro DX camera from Nikon

This is suppose to be an open discussion on a product that might or might not get release. The views given are base on how each see it and somehow we end up with asking for credentials.
So may I ask what credentials do you have over here that you need others to provide it?
Do we need to post our education and professional certificates, our corporate IDs and so on to visit here?

Here are some of the facts that were not obvious at the time of writing but is now confirmed:

1) There was a time when people believe that RAW files were never processed and I was one of those few who said that they are and I use the example of Sony and Nikon using the same sensor but have very different results. This was a couple of years back.

2) There was a dispute about camera with on-lens image stabilizer focuses faster than those with in-camera image stabilizer due to shorter data communication and processing time, but there were people who disagreed and even have one telling me that he has a PHD in math and do not think that there should be any difference. He even asked me to provide data to prove it. How can I provide data when the product was not officiallly announce by Sony who were working on it. A few months after our discussion Sony released a couple of SLT products with the focusing module added to the base of the view finder via the use of a translucent mirror to increase the focusing speed.

There are more and I don\'t think I need to go any further and maybe should just let this thread die out because I just don\'t see the replacement coming anytime soon, and also before we go any further by calling people names.

One think I noticed over here at FM is that whenever there is a dispute the few of you seems to always throw your weight behind each other just like the recent one at \"Annoyed!\" which I did not get involved.

Oct 03, 2012 at 01:54 PM

  Previous versions of hans98ko's message #11012812 « Probably the last semi-Pro DX camera from Nikon »