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Re: Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (fixed lens)

philip_pj wrote:
\'How about the stupid, stupid mechanical shutter release cable?\' Lol, I love those things...and loathe the electronic garbage I now need to use on Sony DSLRs, I see even the A77 needs the damn thing also.

OK, I have no idea what the Sony electrical one is like but the Canon one for the 5 and 1 series is sweet. Now I can see how Sony wouldn\'t adopt Canon\'s and how they also might be sensitive to complaints about proprietary accessories, q.v. memory stick. So from a marketing point of view the mechanical one might have been inevitable but I would be surprised if the engineers hadn\'t pushed back hard against it.

you can attach one in a dark room if need by; ergo feedback; you know when the cable thread is fully seated;

The Canon one locks home positively, and can be rotated by feel into the correct orientation without damaging the pins.

they are pretty well indestructible, unlike the later thing that cannot be trusted

Contrary to my experience, which goes back more than 30 years with the mechanical ones. Granted, this last one has been good due to improved materials.

time taken to use a new age CR is just insufferable - the plug is not a both way fit

This is a good thing. In the case of Canon, it guarantees the cable dresses to the front.

exposure of electronic contacts to the elements

It\'s a valid criticism that they\'re not weather sealed. OTOH I\'ve never had a PC socket go bad on me due to weather. I\'ve used my teflon-lined cable release in bad weather, but with the old style that was asking for trouble. I remember my father taking his apart and greasing the inside to keep the rust at bay.

ease of storage

At least on Canon vs. mechanical, this is provably wrong. Put them side by side and look at the minimum radius. I do carry the electric one in my Drizabone outside pocket but never would have tried it with the cable one.

feel of the plunger

Not going there.

even the way they curved away from the body was great

You really like it sticking up from the top plate? It\'s also perfectly arranged to damage the mechanism when bumped. I like to hang my Canon one from a tripod knob.

, the length was just right not to snag on branches; you can walk a distance with the mech CR attached

I stopped doing that many years ago when my mech one *did* get snagged on branches. IMO the T on the end is perfect for snagging, unlike the smooth electric one. There was a picture floating around the net of, I think, an OM-4 with the entire shutter barrel pulled out by a snagged cable release.

You might just get used to one again...

If I thought I\'d be using it much I wouldn\'t buy the camera.

Oct 02, 2012 at 08:48 AM

  Previous versions of melcat's message #11009649 « Sony RX1 FF Mirrorless (Original 2012 thread) »