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Re: Lens advice for Boston & New York

Edrha wrote:
Can I thank you all for lens selection advice & places to visit it has been very helpful I will try to let you know how I get on. So looking forward to seeing the NYC.

I will take the 17-40,100,& 70-200. Would like to bring back a 24-70mkii !!!!!


Okay bro let me give you an Idea...i hope others will find this useful. here\'s how i do it when someone visits me here in NYC.

Initially we always start in Lower manhattan specifically in STATEN Island Ferry Terminal.

1. Take the R train to White Hall subway station, then take Staten Island Ferry round trip back to manhattan.
2. from the Ferry Terminal walk 5 blocks to broadway you\'ll see the Wall Street BULL some say it\'s Merril Lynch in the middle of the street... you\'ll see tourists there hangin around.
3. Two more blocks forward walk to Wall Street
4. On the opposite side visit the TRINITY CHAPEL ( remember the national treasure movie? Nicolas Cage)
5. Walk 5 blocks north then to your left you\'ll see ground ZERO... it\'s very obvious you\'ll see two buildings under construction.
6. Then walk back to the east along ANNE Street go all the way... go to PIER 17 have lunch there you\'ll see some good photo ops there.
7. Then walk back west to broadway and Visit J&R camera store. it\'s in front of City hall
8. Take the subway in City hall station then get of at CANAL STREET... go up buy some FAKE stuff... eat little bit of chinese food ( if you\'re in to this stuff ) and then go to little LITTLE ITALY.
8. then go back to CANAL STreet station. take R Train to 34th street exit the station.
9. Go walk to 32nd street between 5th and 6th ave, look for Pinkberry--- it\'s a frozen yogurt. try that. ask the Pinkberry Original with toppings.
10. If you are into wings go walk to either of these two BONCHON or KYOCHON (it\'s korean) highly recommended. it\'s between 32nd and 33rd street, 5th Avenue. It\'s next block from pinkberry.
11. Go walk along 5th avenue to 34th street there you\'ll see the majestic Empire state building, on the same building on street level you\'ll see Hearthland Brewery have some beers maybe 2 beers.
12. then go walk along 34th street straight to 9th avenue.....There you go VIOLA it\'s B&H camera store. Buy all of your L lenses.
13. Walk back towards 7th ave. to 33rd street. You\'ll see madison square garden.
14. walk to towards 5th avenue and 34th street, then walk to (42nd st. and 5th ave ) bryant park take pics there... visit Manhattan Public library.
15. then go walk north along 5th ave to 47th - 50th streets... this you\'ll Rockefeller and RADIO CITY hall is next block.
16. along 5th walk all the way north to 59th street, you\'ll see CENTRAL PARK have your. 70-200mm L ready.
17. after central park walk to 7th avenue or Broadway walk south to 42nd STREET... there take lots of funny pics.. inlcuding the topless woman that walks along 42nd street TIMES SQUARE and the Naked COWBOY you\'ll see him with guitar.
18. then go to FLAT IRON building 23rd street, 6th avenue, nearby there\'s a park inside the park you\'ll see people lining up to get their burgers.... That\'s SHAKE SHACK burger try it yourself.

plot all of these in google maps so that you know where you\'re heading.

other places:

--- Brooklyn Bridge you can get there from J&R camera store it\'s infront of CITY HALL. The bridge is under maintenance right now it\'s covered... so a photo ops maybe a hassle but you can still walk there.

---- go to Museum of natural history and metropolitan Museum of ART. you will need one day for each museum.

---- visit also Union Square, 14th street, Union square subway station. R train.

Aug 18, 2012 at 12:40 PM

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