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Re: New Olympus OM-D announced

I\'m having two issues; using esp metering and aperture preferred a lot of images a under exposed. Also a lot of images are turning out \'blank\' but that might be due to write issues with the sd card; no error is being reported (it was a new sandisk; after i copied the images to my computer I formatted in the camera but not sure if that will fix the issue - will test further but thought I would mention it in case others have issues). I\'m not sure it has anything to do with the media card; so maybe the camera is just wonky or defective ?

The metering is a problem with both manual focus lens and 45f1.8 (both in esp mode both with the camera set to aperture priority); and this is annoying me. I can upload samples (either raw of jpeg if anyone is interesting). I\'m mostly concern that i inadvertently messed up a setting - exposure compensation is 0 \'cept when i intentionally set it to try to fix the under exposing).
Here is an example of three images side by side with the 45 (exif data preserved)

Jul 15, 2012 at 07:43 PM

  Previous versions of you2's message #10806396 « New Olympus OM-D announced »