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Re: sold lens buyers wants to return

omarlyn wrote:
mokofoko wrote:
I am the buyer in this case. Regardless of the \"gut feelings\" that fellow sellers may have, paypal has a defined 45-day dispute period--and beyond that, a credit card chargeback may be filed within 90-days of the posting date.

I was waiting on a cowboy LED macro ringflash to be shipped to me before I started playing with the macro setup, so no, I don\'t think 8 days was a long time to wait.

You guys need to not take your \'drty laundry\' so public and handle this either privately or legally if necesary.

In any case, since you did \'go public\' with your version of the events, I will give you my opinion...although I\'m inclined to take your side due (mainly) to your B&S history and the other member\'s lack of history, I will add the following: You are taking advantage of the \'PayPal 45/90 day rule\'...you should have done your inspection within 3 days (at most!). Waiting 8 days and then using the the ridiculous 45/90 day clause is completely bogus! So if I buy a lens from you, you\'d be prefectly fine (100% no issue) if I wanted to return it to you 45 days after I receive it, right? You wouldn\'t be bothered and you\'ll accept the return with a full refund, right...I mean it is (after-all) all proper and legal under the 45 day dispute period that you stated above, right? Hmmm...I wouldn\'t sell anything to anyone that was going to hold me over the coals for 45 days on a used item...no way! 3 days...that\'s what I give...that\'s what you\'ll get from me...period.

My 2 cents,

While your opinion is appreciated, and I would not consider your line of thinking illogical--paypal does not care what you think. And they have evolved their dispute procedures based on credit card chargeback procedures. They\'re standardized protections, and you are given plenty of time to test. Had the lens failed completely within that 30-50 day period, I\'d have kept my options open as well. Protections are there for a reason, and only a fool would not use them when needed.

You\'re free to have whatever returns period you want specified in your listings, but paypal doesn\'t care what you want. If a buyer wants a return 20 days later, they will get it. Be stubborn if you wish, but you will lose. As a longtime ebay seller of junk, I know very well that the buyer is pretty much always right. If you want to completely protect your butt in all situations, sell on craigslist, or only accept money orders.

Jun 21, 2012 at 11:18 PM

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