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Re: D800 dynamic range (at a wedding!)

sboerup wrote:
I\'m sorry if I misunderstood you, and I\'m certainly not one to be confrontational or argumentative... but, the main thing I understood from your comments were that you didn\'t think I knew anything about post processing, or color, or drawing conclusions about differences in color between the two files, or that I wasn\'t enlightened about LR4 and it\'s \"amazing\" new capabilities and speed. Not to mention that you were the one that started \"defending\" Canon. I simply stated that there IS a difference in the sensors, and not just something that is be duplicated in post-processing, which is why I asked if you had tested the files side-by-side.

Just posting what I found between the two cameras. Didn\'t mean to rub you the wrong way :/

And I apologise if I was rubbed up the wrong way

The thing I keep trying to point out though is that, with a SOOC test (I believe you mean default processing from RAW/DNG in LR) you\'re not really testing or showing anything about the two sensors. But by showing it, people start to think it *does* show something and they get a poor impression of one camera and a good impression of the other - and that\'s unnecessary because the 5d3 is capable of beautiful photos.

The 5d3 clearly has comparatively poor shadow detail and maybe there are subtleties in the d800 files that the 5d3 can\'t deliver (I don\'t know) but the two files you showed said nothing more than LR processes the files differently and WB is interpreted differently.

On the LR point, the comments were just aimed at your suggestion that \"the highlight slider does something on the d800\". Again, my point is that shows nothing about the d800 or 5d3, but something about LR3 processing of files and something which is \"fixed\" with LR4. It\'s not the camera - it\'s the software.

The crux for me is that a SOOC test just doesn\'t show anything at all about the cameras. It just shows how LR processes the files. RAW files *need* processing in order to get the best from them. If LR default processing is better for Canon than Nikon, then it shows something about LR *not* about the d800 or the 5diii. However, when people see this they assume it\'s a camera thing because most don\'t really understand about post processing.

I don\'t feel the need to \"defend\" Canon. However, where I see someone showing something which doesn\'t show what they think it shows, or people are misinterpreting it, I\'ll usually explain the issue. To be honest I\'d do the same on the other side and on other more Canon-based forums I\'ve been defending the d800\'s sensor, especially the DR.

Your comment that you\'ve struggled getting the contrast right with Canon files led me to believe that your post processing is not where it could be as I know I\'ve not had that issue.

I\'ll say it again - the d800 is fantastic - but the SOOC RAW tests just don\'t show anything useful about the two cameras. Just about the software. It\'s the processing, not the sensors.

If someone does a test where they can see tonal difference between the two cameras in the midtones after the files have been properly processed and differences levelled using a CCP that\'s fine - no issues with that - but conclusions about sensors can only be drawn when the other elements of the equation are taken out (as much as is reasonable).

I used my 5d3 at a wedding this weekend and was very pleased with the colours and tones:

You can see more here if you\'re interested http://www.phildweddingphotography.co.uk/index.php/2012/05/canon-5diii-for-weddings/

Apologies to the OP for taking this off topic... My last post on this point

May 15, 2012 at 01:01 PM

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